Evac Chair Training
Train the Trainer

Length: One Day
Students: Any staff who need to teach others in the use of an evacuation chair

The Aim... This 1 day in-house course will equip staff with the ability to safely use evacuation chairs. The course covers the practical handling of an evacuation chair and assistance of a person. It will also cover advice on the siting and distribution of chairs as well as improving awareness of their multiple uses. A practical approach is taken to ensure that plenty of hands-on practice – all under expert supervision.

Learning Outcomes
By completing these sessions participants will be able to:

  • Competently and safely use the Evac Chair.
  • Assist a person to transfer on the Evac Chair to a place of safety.
  • Verbally and manually assisting a person on/off the Evac Chair.
  • Be able to deliver appropriate training to other members of staff
Understanding will be confirmed by a candidate assessment using the DIAG Code of Practice & Evac Chair user guide as evidenced based practice

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