Object Handling
One Day Course

Length: One Day
Our very popular one day object handling course has established Ergoway as one of the leading providers of training across all sectors. We specialise in contextualizing learning events to meet individual and organisational need. The example below is for a one day course, but we can deliver a range of manual handling courses.

The Aim...This course will provide practical skills and techniques of the manual handling of objects to reduce risk of injury and raise awareness of good handling techniques for manual handling activities.

Objectives / Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session learners will understand:

  • Manual handling hazards, risks and controls.
  • How manual handling operations can cause injury and harm.
  • The scope of legal requirements and where guidance can be found.
  • The process for assessing manual handling risks.
  • The value of risk assessment and how it applies to safe manual handling practice.
  • Practical Manual handling techniques – lifting loads from low levels/working at low levels/lowering from height/pushing loads/pulling loads/carrying/team handling.
Understanding will be confirmed by an underpinning knowledge question paper and observation of candidate’s competence to undertake practical tasks.

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